Promotional Sales

eatonhudson News When business is down, closing the doors shouldn’t be your first option. Eaton Hudson understands that sometimes a new marketing plan is in order. Perhaps a change in strategy or location can create a boost in sales. A boost in sales can also come with the celebration of an anniversary or other big milestone for your business. We’ll work with you to identify and maximize these opportunities.

“Thanks for all of your help in making our 80th Anniversary sale an over whelming success. The results exceeded our expectations. We needed to conduct this activity and make sure we maintained the image of our brand and the strong reputation we have earned over the years. The assistance, experience and approach provided by Eaton Hudson were critical to the excellent results. The role played by your day to day supervisor, Barry, was one of the key reasons we exceeded our goals. Certainly your reputation speaks for itself, but don’t hesitate to contact me for a reference or recommendation in the future”
Frank Ferramosca