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Our Services at Eaton Hudson

Store Closings, Relocations, Promotions, Going Out of Business Strategies

When business is down, closing the doors doesn’t have to be your only option. We have decades of experience in sales consulting and retail liquidations — working with large chains, small store chains, individual stores. Our marketing plans include sales promotions that are designed to protect the image of your business while maximizing revenues upon the closing of one or more locations. We’re also experienced in running retail operations while they are in the process of closing.

Eaton Hudson has the expertise, staff, and inventory to make your going out of business sale a positive and successful experience. We’ll provide marketing plans designed for your store and tailored to your market. When inventory levels are low, we’re able to bring in merchandise appropriate for your customer. Our team includes former executives from Silverman Consultants, Schottenstein Stores, Gordon Brothers, Hudson Capital, who have a proven track record of getting clients the most value out of closing their stores.

Retail Inventory

Retailers need strategic solutions to managing their inventory, assets and real estate expansion strategies in today’s volatile and challenging business environment. Eaton Hudson’s asset disposition professionals have years of experience evaluating and liquidating all classes of inventory. Our team applies its long-standing expertise to providing solutions to the pressing problems that retailers face today, including management of excess, obsolete and discontinued inventory, changing geographic and demographic circumstances, unproductive store sites and real estate and liquidity issues.