Why Choose Us

The Eaton Hudson principals’ work directly on every transaction and make investment decisions quickly and with minimal bureaucracy. We design our transaction structures to minimize expenses and maximize returns for the retailers, financial institutions and all other parties involved. While the retail strategy is handled centrally by our principles, our consultants on the ground carry out the sales and execution at the store level taking care of inventory, bookkeeping, managing, and making sure employees are handled as the former company would handle them.

The Eaton Hudson Team

Comprised of former executives of Hudson Capital and Silverman Consultants, has liquidated over $5 billion of inventory value for many of the top retailers in Canada and the U.S.

Store Closings, Relocations, Promotions, Going Out of Business

When business is down, closing the doors doesn’t have to be your only option. We have decades of experience in sales consulting and retail liquidations — working with large chains, small store chains, individual stores.