Going Out Of Business

Eaton Hudson has the experience and the expertise to plan and market your sales event to maximize your profits. Whether your store is large or small, we have the expertise, staff, and jewelry inventory

including inventory, merchandising, marketing, store operations – all the way down to the fixtures and equipment. Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We develop customized marketing strategies based on your store, customers location, and our experience. Each store closing is managed by a team including company leadership, accounting, marketing and on-site operations. We set performance goals to maximize your recovery value and benchmark the sale’s success. We engage store management, associates and customers to ensure smooth operation. When inventory levels get down, we tap into our Wholesale Division to bring in merchandise appropriate for your customer. And we do our part to maintain the integrity of your store’s brand. We have the expertise, staff, and inventory to make your going out of business sale a positive and successful experience.

“Eaton Hudson’s performance working as consultants on the Whitehall Jewelers liquidation deal proved that they would be a valuable addition to other jewelry asset recovery project. They have an excellent capacity to step into a changing environment and quickly grasp applications and business processes. They assumed a key role of securing over $120 million at cost of new merchandise to augment the Whitehall inventories during the going out of business sale.”
Mark Funasaki