Machinery Appraisal

Eaton Hudson’s Appraisal Team knows market values. We’ve delivered over $2 billion in valuations across industries of retail, automotive, healthcare, technology, education, food service, machinery and equipment, and FF&E. We realize the need for expertise in providing accurate appraisals to help business, schools and financial institutions evaluate their current position and make informed decisions for the situation they may be in.

We are able to provide an approach to value to suit your needs. The assistance we provide through our appraisal division will help you determine the method for maximizing collateral whether it be a new loan, re-organization, workout, turnaround, fresh start or liquidation. Appraisals of tangible and non-tangible business assets are main focus of our valuation service performed for the purposes of asset-based lending, workouts, turnarounds, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, replacement, and insolvency situations. Valuation approaches included onsite inspections, depreciation methodologies, historical prior sales and desirability in marketplace. Whatever your business or need, we promise, you can depend on our valuation experts to accurately determine the fair market value of your inventory.