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Jewelry Advisors

A comprehensive suite of appraisal and value assessment services for tangible and intangible assets

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Retail Services

A full complement of disposition, acquisition, and investment solutions

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College Advisory

Comprehensive strategic and practical operational consulting services

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Our Services at Eaton Hudson

Store Closings, Relocations, Promotions, Going Out of Business Strategies, Retail Inventory, Fixed Assets, Wholesale Inventory, Jewelry Advisors, Real Estate, Appraisals, Collegiate Asset Disposition Service.


We do the work we do because we love it. We love the industry. You know what they say, when you love doing something it gives you passion and purpose and that’s what we do here.
We are a professional, transparent team with years of experience. We help navigate the ever changing business landscape. The result is a clear story for how our strategy should translate. Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions, that’s what we do. Here are some of the people that we got to spend some time with. We wish it was under better circumstances but we help make the transition seamless: