Store Closings

Eaton Hudson can help you wind down your operation from start to finish. We help you position your store closing based on your objective and desired result. Call it retirement, going out of business, bankruptcy sale, store closing, relocation sale -we manage all aspects of the sale including inventory, merchandising, marketing, store operations – all the way down to the fixtures and equipment. Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We develop customized marketing strategies based on your store, customers location, and our experience. Each store closing is managed by a team including company leadership, accounting, marketing and on-site operations. We set performance goals to maximize your recovery value and benchmark the sale’s success. We engage store management, associates and customers to ensure smooth operation. When inventory levels get down, we tap into our Wholesale Division to bring in merchandise appropriate for your customer. And we do our part to maintain the integrity of your store’s brand. We have the expertise, staff, and inventory to make your going out of business sale a positive and successful experience. Our team includes former executives from Silverman Consultants, Schottenstein Stores, Gordon Brothers and Hudson Capital, who have a proven track record of getting clients the most value out of closing their stores.