Jewelry Store Closings

At times, closing one store means the others will thrive, yet this presents a special set of challenges for the owner of multiple jewelry stores. Eaton Hudson is experienced in managing “store closing” sales and understands how to create successful sales strategies for situations where other stores

continue to operate. Our Eaton Hudson Jewelry Advisors office is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and led by the former executives of Silverman Consultants – Bob Epstein and John Jones. While at Silverman Epstein and Jones worked on some of the most important jewelry firms in the United States, including Friedman’s Jewelers, Whitehall Jewelers, Fortunoff, Samuel Jewelers, International Gold and Diamond, Ross Simons and Michael C. Fina. Having specialized in the jewelry and asset disposition business for over 25 years, Epstein and Jones are able to offer a high level of expertise in both the jewelry business and appraisals. We offer sales strategy and direction to jewelry stores of every size. As well-known jewelry sales consultants and jewelry store liquidators, we have experience working with large and small jewelry store chains to effectively manage all your locations while closing one or more. Our team has built their reputation on successfully turning around jewelry businesses, selling off inventory, and liquidating entire stores. We apply proven strategies designed specifically for the jewelry business, whether you’d like higher revenues, retirement strategies, a jewelry business liquidation, or a successful promotional event.

Eaton Hudson has tremendous experience in working with large and small jewelry store chains to effectively manage all your locations while closing one or more. Our marketing plans include sales promotions for all locations and are designed to protect the image of your business while maximizing revenues upon the closing of one or more locations. We’re also experienced in running retail operations while they are in the process of closing. “After working with Eaton Hudson on five previous sale events, it wasn’t a difficult decision to utilize their services once again when our lease expired in our Atlanta location. From the very beginning we knew that the Atlanta sale was going to be our most challenging as there were many restrictions on the advertising placed upon us by the mall management. Eaton’s management team assured us from the beginning that they could overcome those obstacles and produce great numbers. Not only did they produce the numbers they projected but they exceeded them by over 50%. Eaton Hudson’s expertise in the handling of day-to-day operations allowed our management team to concentrate on the other on-going operations. They always had our best interests in mind and were concerned that our customers were treated with the integrity, honesty and professionalism that they grew accustomed to”
Bob Simone